Cattle Grazing

Cattle Grazing


“Cattle Grazing”
Beyond the Gate Series – Lanyon Homestead
Artist: Dee Copeland 2020

Original Acrylic Print
Size: 23.5cm x 33cm

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When standing at a gate, do you ever wonder what lies beyond? Who, what and when this land was first settled? The flocks of sheep that originally roamed the land before fences; the shepherds, the convicts, the drovers? I did.

I painted this acrylic one cool autumn afternoon, the Convict Barn peeping through the bushes that was once used for grain and other farm storage…the Angus cattle grazing leisurely in the distance, some lying down resting, gave the land a calm and peaceful look. Above, the azure blue sky provided a great backdrop for the illuminous white puffy clouds, an amazing scene!

This beautiful Australian landscape would love to adorn a room in your home, reminding you of the stunning views around the Lanyon Homestead.
Enjoy this beautiful print at my special discounted price.

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