Reluctant Pioneer – Author: Deanna Copeland

Reluctant Pioneer – Author: Deanna Copeland


Young English woman struggles with her ideals in a harsh and unforgiving land…..

ISBN: 978-0-646-96173-6
Paperback 2016
Historical fiction.
Australian immigrants, country life, culture, romance.

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Book Review – Reluctant Pioneer

Listen to the audio book review with Barbie Robinson from Living Arts Canberra.

In recognition of the pioneer women of Australia in the 1940-50s, this book is a gripping novel of those who have forged a life for themselves and their families in a harsh and unforgiving land.

Inspired by my parents, particularly my mother, who left the comfort and security of England and its ‘green and shaded lanes’ to live in this ‘God forsaken land; ’ this book is not a true account of her life but includes stories she has relayed to me, some which have been embellished, also names have been changed.

This book will take the reader on Violet’s exciting journey, immerse the reader in the events of her day and walk with her through her amazing challenging life and loves.