Second Chance – Author: Deanna Copeland

Second Chance – Author: Deanna Copeland


Not everything in life goes to plan…sometimes we need a…

ISBN: 978-0-646-96173-6
Paperback 2020
Historical fiction.
Australian agricultural life, community, family, romance.

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A sequel to ‘Reluctant Pioneer’ this novel sees Violet having to make some serious decisions, as tragedy strikes her family….

In the 1950’s the competitive agricultural industry in Central Western New South Wales is full of “tried and true” graziers and pastoralists, many of whom regard a woman farmer as a joke. The drought, falling market prices and Violet’s limited resources are cause for serious concern…will she continue working the farm or return to England? Has this ‘wide brown land’ changed her? Is she ready for a new life on her own with the children? Will she ever find happiness? Violet struggles with her own insecurities, principles and values when faced with the truth.

Second Chance is a sweeping rural epic that reflects the strength, courage and resilience that resides in us all – the courage to take a chance, make a choice and change!